Protection Against Dirt


Protection  against dirt

For greater open-air storage protection

When storing goods outdoors or during long-term storage, the accumulation of dirt is always a problem. Damage can be avoided by selecting the right packaging material, like plastic crates or film.



Product Description Applications Advantages

PE cover sheets

Transparent, tear-resistant LDPE cover sheets, perforated on reels

Pallet cover protection, placed on the pallet before stretching

Protects against damp, dirt and dust, user-friendly

PE side folded hood

Pre-fabricated bags on a reel from LDPE film with tear perforations

Lining for lattice boxes and containers, covering pallets and other goods

Protects against dust, dirt and moisture, tear and penetration-resistant

Reusable transport container

Flexible pallet box system comprised of a pallet, ring and polypropylene cover

Reusable container with tailboard for storage and transport in one

Container is collapsible for practical stacking which saves space and transport costs.