Pallet Security


Pallet  Security

For secure goods transport

Five reasons for pallet securing:

• Reduce damage during transit and receive less claims
• Minimise theft
• Improve health and safety by reducing injury of staff
• Create a good customer experience when pallet is received
• Comply with regulations

Pallets, non-slip papers, stretch film, shrink film, corner and edge protectors and strapping are used to stabilise loads during transit. We also provide a full range of packaging machinery to apply the materials.



Product Description Applications Advantages

Stretch film

Stretch film with good adhesive properties, high transparency, good tear-resistance and good stretch

For transparent pallet security and to protect against moisture, dirt and dust

Simple handling, good mechanical properties and stable pallet security

Masterline and Lantech Stretch Wrappers

Stretch winder with four different wrapping programmes and adjustable turntable and film carriage speeds

To protect against damp and dirt, as theft protection and to secure pallets and loads

Simple and safe to use, economical film processing and very good value for money


PET or PP strapping suitable for a range of different strapping systems

To secure pallets, for bundling, as theft protection and to strap heavy goods

The broad strap assortment has something for every device and offers better mechanical properties than steel bands

Hand held automatic strapping machines

Battery-operated hand devices to apply strapping

To strap heavy goods of different shapes and to bundle several packaging units

Simple to use, safe application of strapping, a manageable and light device

Shrink film covers

PE shrink film hoods with side seam for load security

For security of pallets and all-round protection against moisture and dirt

Security and all-round protection in one, simple process with a shrinking gun, it can also be used as a normal protective hood