Long-Term Storage


Long-term  storage

To keep your spare parts and seasonal machines in good condition during long-term storage, they need to be protected from dirt, moisture and other damaging elements. We are here to help you make the right choice to suit your needs.


Long term storage or shipping corrosion sensitive materials overseas often leads to corrosion. Corrosion then leads to customer complaints, time-consuming and expensive reworks and, in the worst case scenario, to the scrapping of the components. Corrosion has several causes that are often difficult to pinpoint. Even small shortcomings in the manufacturing process can lead to greater corrosion and thus high costs.  These costs can be avoided with suitable corrosion protection packaging and help optimise your manufacturing process.


Product Description Applications Advantages

Corrosion protection paper

Reliable VCI corrosion protection paper for very stringent requirements and demands

To protect steel, iron and cast iron and to protect the package contents during transport

The packaging not only offers reliable protection against corrosion but dispenses with the need for oiling and greasing

Corrosion protection film

Highly tear-resistent LLDPE film, impregnated with the VCIs

Transparent film to protect metals in the form of covers and interleaving

Thanks to the transparent film, the package contents can be inspected at any time without opening the packaging

Aluminium barrier film

Aluminium barrier film from polyester, aluminium and polyethylene for grease, water and steam-proof packaging

It is used in combination with a desiccant to absorb the residual moisture inside the packaging

Tried and tested material for the construction of export packaging with very good mechanical properties