Cushioning Materials


Cushioning  materials

Cushioning for perfect protection

During handling, storage and transport, packages are subjected to stress from impacts, vibrations, dropping, tipping and compression. Cushioning materials are the perfect solution to protect your products from damage.



Throughout the distribution chain for any product there are numerous situations where a product is susceptible to damage. For example:

  1. 1Production 
  2. 2Packing the products: possible stress through scratching and light shocks through slipping.
  3. 3Palleting and loading: stress can be caused by light shocks or jolts, vibration and compression through stacking.
  4. 4Transport: stress can be caused by vibrations, oscillations slipping in the outer box, temperature variations and shocks
  5. 5Handling in the logistics centre: stress can be caused by tipping, dropping and shocks, vibrations and oscillations.
  6. 6Transport: stress may be caused by vibrations, oscillations, slipping in the HGV, collisions and temperature variations.
  7. 7Arrival of the goods at destination: stress can be caused by light bumps or jolts, tipping, falling and long-term stress during storage.


Use of cushioning packaging can help reduce the incidence of damage, reducing waste and improving quality.

Product Description Applications Advantages

Bubble wrap barrier layer

Bubble film from co-extruded films with barrier layer material

Cushioning packaging, to protect against shocks, impacts and vibrations

The optional barrier layer prevents the loss of air from the bubbles, lowering the risk of transport damage

Air cushion pad system

Film cushion production system

Optimal cushioning protection to avoid transport damage

Time-saving thanks to very fast film cushion production and space-saving thanks to the small storage space required