Mail Room


Mail  Room

Any business communication you send by post needs an envelope and, from the moment it is picked up and started to be opened  it will impact on that person and how they view your company 

Things to keep in mind:

  •  Using the right envelope is one of the most important choices you will make as it reflects your company's image and, just as importantly, enhance the communication or item being posted.
  •  The choice of envelope is also pivotal as size, weight and thickness all contribute to the cost of postage.
  •  Choose the right envelope to suit the communication. For example, are you sending a communication which needs some form of protection, such as a photograph, or is it bulky so it needs an envelope strong enough and which needs to expand to accommodate it.
  •  You can have your envelopes overprinted, giving you the opportunity to add information onto the outside to help attract attention and encourage people to open it.
  •  Window envelopes have the added benefit of your not having to print or produce a label to address it. The downside is you may not always get the size you want, so keep this in mind and be prepared to find an alternative solution to addressing your envelopes, such as labels or laser printing.
  •  If you are seeking to use a box or boxes, remember the size and weight will influence the price you pay for sending it.
  •  Are environmental credentials important to you? If so, there are a variety of envelope options to help you meet this need.
  •  Always keep in mind cost against budget.
  • Premium Envelopes

    For more premium communications, the envelope should reflect the value of the piece inside and this is where textured or other finishes, colours, metallics and translucents provide the ideal solution.

    > Recommended Products:
    Conqueror - Olin - Keaykolour

  • Recycled Envelopes

    Many of our brands have a recycled offer within the range, with a number also being carbon neutral, so you can be confident our papers are sustainable and not damaging the environment in which we all live.

    > Recommended Products:
    Conqueror 100% RecycledOlin 70% Recycled

  • Bulky Items

    If your mailing is more bulky and will not fit into an envelope, you may want to consider using a mailing pouch or box. In addition, you also need to think about how you will cushion anything inside the box if they are fragile or need added protection. For more details contact your local sales team, who will be happy to help.

    > Other Recommended Products:
    Image multipurpose Self-adhesive labels - Templates are available to download by clicking here.