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  • Antalis Creative Power

    As a multi-specialist paper merchant, we offer you a wealth choice of creative papers.

    Because choosing a creative paper rather than a standard coated or uncoated paper can make a concept more relevant, a message more impactful and bring real added value to an application. That is why we have launched Antalis Creative Power.

    Antalis Creative power combines our large product offering and associated services to help you to make the right choice of creative papers. You will be able to influence, captivate, impact your audience…In a short, empower your ideas and concepts.



    More than 2,000 products to showcase your talents including brands as Conqueror, KeayKolour, Pop’set, Rives, and multi-sensorial Curious collection ranges.

    The Curious Collection range is the latest to have grown with the addition of Curious Matter, a paper with an intriguing surface, a mix of sand and silk. Curious Matter embodies Antalis’s ambition to relentlessly innovate and offer cutting-edge substrates. Most of these creative papers are also certified for digital presses. The multitude of fashion-led colours, metallics and translucents, modern textures and unusual finishes help you find the ultimate creative solution to any communications challenge.

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    Creative papers are the perfect canvas for silk screening, embossing, debossing, die-stamping and foil-blocking, as well as for folding, scoring, laser-cutting and lamination processes to create visually stunning applications. The emergence of innovative techniques such as selective and raised varnishes, white ink and spot colours can now enhance the impact and added value of these beautiful papers even more.

    Digital printing offers the possibility of using variable data, thereby facilitating personalised print for more effective targeting of end audiences. These substrates are a must-have for sectors as diverse as fashion, hospitality, high-end finance and many professional services (lawyers, architects...). Such renowned luxury brands as Lancel, Pierre Hermé, Hôtel de Crillonuse, DeBeers, JP Morgan our Antalis creative papers to help them stay ahead of the competition. Even sectors that do not use creative papers for their everyday communications recognise the powerful impact they can have when used for special events, important customer mailings or Christmas cards.

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    To support you and ensure you are aware of the huge choice of creative papers available and the diverse application possibilities, you can rely on Antalis experts for face to face advice. Our highly trained paper consultants will present you with the latest innovations and printed samples to help you with your creative projects.

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    To progress from a sample to a print job Antalis has samples, swatches, trial packs and a bespoke dummy service. So you can test your ideas and experience the look and feel of a paper before making a final decision. 

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