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Global Car Wrapper Awards 2022


Antalis supports the wrapping industry as the exclusive sponsor of the 2022 Global Car Wrapper Awards. The global completion for car wrapping!



Jonas Sjostrom Wrap

Starting February this year, the Global Car Wrapper Awards 2022 (GCWA) is a global showcase of wrap installers' work, displayed via Facebook.
Launched two years ago, the GCWA provides the perfect opportunity to share skills and expertise, without location or time zone limitations. For 2022, the awards has been updated with 11 wrap installation categories.
Follow the competition via the Facebook page, where you'll have visibility of the calendar and you can watch LIVE wrap streams and enjoy the wrap tour events:



Rafael Munoz Morales Car Wrap

To participate in the 2022 Global Car Wrapper Awards, entries can be submitted via the Car Wrapper 3D mobile phone app.

Finalists will be announced on 8th December and the awards ceremony will take place on 15th December 2022.

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This contest is a great opportunity for wrapping experts to share their expertise and creative art in a friendly atmosphere. I encourage everyone to register and enjoy the Antalis-sponsored GCWA experience

- François Lainé, Group Marketing & Business Development Director and jury member of the GCWA 2022.