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Discover the new Curious Translucents Extra Black


As part of our Curious Collection, our Curious Translucents range has always offered intriguing, tactile, alternative papers. Expanding the range, we introduce Curious Translucents Extra Black, 100gsm. Strong, but with a natural feel, this new shade is unique yet versatile; inviting  discovery beyond the page, whatever the application.


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Extra Black is a unique creation of Arjowiggins. Their next-level technical know-how has devised a creative paper that truly engages the senses. The matt black sheet is intense and uniform in appearance, velvet to the touch, and emits an intriguing audible crackle upon turning the page; a truly multisensorial experience.

Made with 100% natural, clean, sustainable fibres and free of transparentising chemicals, there is nothing synthetic about Extra Black. Made only by Arjowiggins, the addition to the range offers a 100% recyclable alternative to petrochemical-based plastics and films.