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Deliver the future Be Antalis

Renowned for innovation and expertise, we are the recognised leaders in our industry; delivering products and services to thousands of customers around the world on a daily basis. Our business has a rich history, but we are not standing still – we remain at the forefront in delivering the very latest technologies in paper, packaging solutions, and visual communications.

Digital transformation is at the heart of our business future – and so could you be!

We’re one of the UK's leading suppliers of papers, communication and packaging materials into the print, visual communications, office and publishing markets. Whether a commercial printing company, a creative agency, a packaging firm, or a small office, we have something to offer.

You probably touch, use and see our products every day. What you don't see is the innovation, expertise and dedication that gets them there.

Antalis is a modern and forward thinking company changing the face of a traditional industry. No matter which function interests you, be sure that we all share the same business goals and personal development.

We help get the best from paper-based communications, whilst saving businesses time and money. We have a market leading range of over 13,000 products including papers, envelopes and consumables, as well as packaging, promotional and visual communication materials and it’s all backed up with a service that is second to none.


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