Our Culture

Our Culture

The culture at Antalis is based on the values and behaviours that guide the way we work as individuals, in teams and with our customers.

Our core values, those we believe are most important to us in the way we work and conduct ourselves, help us to create the positive, high performing and successful organisation we are today.


We have four core values:

T – Team Spirit

E – Empowerment and Trust

A – Accountability

M – Mindset for Change 

Behind each of these values we have identified behaviours that describe the practical day to day actions that bring those values to life and help our employees understand what is expected of them.



  • RESPECT - Understanding and recognising the skills and abilities of others; acknowledging the diversity of different perspectives and the differing values and beliefs of others in daily activities.
  • OPENNESS and HONESTY - Considering new and different ideas, concepts and practices with commitment and dedication; sharing own thoughts openly and authentically considering appropriateness and sincerity.
  • COLLABORATION - Building effective networks with colleagues, stakeholders, customers and teams in order to leverage opportunities and capabilities across the company; build inclusive diverse relationships that facilitate effective cross functional working.



  • PARTNERSHIP – Building personal and team based partnerships to collectively deliver on common interests or goals; empower and support others to deliver results that contribute to the long term goals of the company.
  • SUPPORT - Continually provide guidance to the team; corroborate and encourage others to ensure focus and momentum remains and provides positive input.
  • RECOGNITION - Understand and acknowledge the efforts and achievements of individuals, teams and departments; seeks value and learning in all activities and provides constructive and inclusive feedback.



  • TAKING RESPONSIBILITY - Actively take decisions for tasks and objectives; openly acknowledge that the actions taken will impact on the overall result; evaluate outcomes to continually learn and improve.
  • CUSTOMER FOCUS – Make the needs of customers the primary focus of activities; deliver outstanding levels of customer service to build, develop and sustain long term customer partnerships.
  • INTEGRITY - Maintain and uphold sound principles and standards that reflect the core values of the business; communicate intentions, ideas and feelings openly and directly.



  • FLEXIBILITY - Willing and able to adapt and modify approach to achieve overall goals; open to change and new information; pro-actively adapt to changing conditions or unexpected obstacles.
  • LEADERSHIP - Guide, motivate and develop others to deliver their best; actively anticipate and plan for change and act as a role model.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT - Seek to find the best working practices and take action to improve existing conditions and processes; use appropriate methods to identify opportunities, implement solutions, measure impact and acknowledge continuous change as critical.

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