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Antalis Group

Europe’s leading distributor of paper, packaging and visual communication solutions.

Antalis is part of the Kokusai Pulp & Paper group, a worldwide leader in Papers, Packaging and Visual Communication distribution headquartered in Japan and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (ISIN JP3293350009) with JPY 545 billion* turnover in 2021.

In Europe and Latin America, Antalis is the leading B2B distributor of products and services in Papers and industrial Packaging, and number two in the distribution of Visual Communication media. Headquartered in the Paris area (France), Antalis operates in 30 countries serving over 100,000 customers with a team of 3,800 employees and breakthrough e-commerce solutions.

Our 93 distribution centers, focused on eco-responsibility, provide world-class services.

*approx. €4.2 billion

Antalis Mission and Vision 

Our vision is to strengthen Antalis as the leading and most trusted international business-to-business distributor of papers, packaging, visual communication, supplies and equipment and associated services.

Our mission is to deliver excellence for our customers through expertise and innovation in the products and services that we provide and in our relationships with our business partners and stakeholders.

We are socially responsible and agile in broadening our business portfolio, accelerating our digital transformation, developing our teams and achieving strong returns on capital employed.

 billion in sales in 2017




Antalis was born in 2000 through the mergers of about 40 international distribution companies all over the world.  Learn more on Antalis Corporate website:  www.antalis.com


Acquisition of IGEPA's paper distribution  business in Sweden and Norway 2018
2017 Antalis International IPO
Acquisition of TFM Industrial, Peruvian specialist distributor of Packaging products, acquisition of Gregersen, distributor of visual communication solutions in Norway and of Swan Papier in IRE, a paper distributor 2016

Acquisition of different companies in the Packaging and Visual communication business in UK, Estonia, Denmark and Sweden.

Acquisition of Data Copy ® from Metsä Board

Acquisition of Xerox Document Suppliers Europe business in 16 countries in Western Europe 2013
2012 Acquisition of different companies in the Packaging Distribution business in Germany, UK, Czech Republic and in Chile to cement Antalis leadership in the packaging distribution market
Acquisition of Macron, a German Visual Communication Distributor to strengthen its position in the Visual communication growing business. 2010
2007 Industrial restructuring plan intended to reduce significantly Arjowiggins’ exposure to the commodities segment and improve the competitiveness of the Creative Papers Division

Acquisition of Map merchant Group, the paper division of M-real. Antalis becomes number 1 in paper distribution in Europe
Antalis begins its expansion into the packaging market with the acquisition of Brangs + Heinrich and Dekker Packaging 2004
2000 Creation of Antalis through the merger of about 40 international paper distribution companies all over the world. In each country, the different brands from the Arjowiggins Merchanting legacy are gathered under the Antalis umbrella.


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