A specialist range of packaging products to ensure goods remain in perfect condition throughout production, transportation and supply chain - from corrugated cardboard boxes, to void fill and strapping, mailroom products, packing machinery and everything you can imagine to keep your goods safe in storage and transit - ensuring a reduction in breakages and more happy customers!

Packaging Papers & Boards (41 Products)

Our range of packaging papers and boards include Pure Kraft and Imititaion Kraft through to Waxed Kraft Paper and Tissue Paper.

Cushioning & Void Fill (91 Products)

A comprehensive range of cushioning and void fill materials including everything from corrugated rolls and bubble film to foam and loose fill chips. Whatever your need, we have the right solution to fill your voids and cushion your products which can be vulnerable to damage during delivery. It’s important to have the most effective ‘in the box’ padding to keep your items in perfect condition.

Boxes & Pallets (101 Products)

Boxes and pallets offer a secure solution for protecting, containing, stacking and moving a whole range of products safely for onward distribution and storage. They are ideal for every day, e-commerce and industrial use and are available in a range of styles, sizes, thickness and evolutions, to suit your differing needs - all from Antalis.

Tapes & Glues (66 Products)

A range of tapes offering everything you need to make sure goods are well protected at every stage of their journey. Whether you need a standard box sealing tape, a technical tape or glue, Antalis can provide the right solution. Our range includes Vinyl (PVC) or Polypropylene (PP) carrier tapes with various adhesive options including acrylic, hotmelt and solvent - for a variety of uses, and environments - made from a selection of materials – there is a solution for every need, including environmentally friendly options too!

Type of use and environment – identify whether you’re needing super-strength to hold a seal for years, or if it is short-lived; or perhaps you need to put it in the freezer or use in a hot, moist environment; And likewise, is it to be used as a warning and needs to be easily seen, or is it to be discretely blended on the back of a photo frame. Perhaps you’re looking for book binding tape or something with rip-proof capabilities such as a cross weave filament tape.

Type of adhesive – Solvent is a natural rubber for sealing medium to heavy loads and is temperature resistant; Hotmelt is known as synthetic rubber suitable for general applications; and Acrylic is a water based adhesive works best for sticking polythene.

Tapes and glues can be used manually or from a manual or automatic dispenser – choose the right one for your requirements.

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Mail Room (178 Products)

A wide range of quality envelopes, postal tubes, mailing bags, hardback envelopes and corrugated wraps to suit your mailroom, office and e-commerce requirements.

Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, depths and colours to suit everyone's needs.