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Pallet met dozen bij een rekwikkelaar


A specialist range of packaging products to ensure goods remain in perfect condition throughout production, transportation & supply chain.

Packaging Papers & Boards (28 Products)

Verpakkingspapier en verpakkingskarton - diverse voorbeelden

From tissue paper, through to many types of Kraft and recycled card, our range meets all your needs.

Cushioning & Void Fill (119 Products)

Beschermen en opvullen - voorbeeld met papieren opvulmateriaal

This huge range of polyethylene or paper-based packing and protection products, includes foam or bubble wrap, air cushions, corrugated cardboard and loosefill and will provide effective protection during transport and handling of your products.

Boxes & Pallets (101 Products)

A range of corrugated cardboard and plastic boxes for business cards through to more industrial uses

Sub-families & Products

Tapes & Glues (89 Products)

Tapes met bedrukking op maat

A range of gummed and self-adhesive paper and filmatic tapes for sealing, masking and identification, as well as a selection of more specialised tapes.

Mail Room (219 Products)

Verzendverpakkingen - paklijsten

A wide range of envelopes, tubes and mailing pockets your mailing room needs.