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An extensive range of multifunctional papers perfect for professional digital printing, as well as for office and home use.

Suitable for laser, inkjet and offset applications, these printing papers cover all your business needs: from sustainability certified friendly paper certified PEFC ®, FSC® and European EU Ecolabel accredited, to natural shade and high white recycled papers made from 100% post-customer waste.

Many of our ranges now feature ColorLok® technology, perfect for enhanced colours and optimised for inkjet printers, from standard papers for internal communications to the tinted sheets ideal for colour coding.

Our ranges of multipurpose papers are available in a selection of brands, and in a choice of sizes, thicknesses, weights.

Digital Colour Printing Paper (130 Products)

An extensive range of uncoated and coated papers specially developed for colour laser printers, copiers and digital colour presses - perfect for offices and commercial printing jobs.

The superior whiteness and the smooth surface of these papers ensure brilliant colour contrast and pin sharp images each and every time.

These papers are excellent for colour reproduction (specially of graphics and digital images) but they are suitable for use in mono laser and inkjet printers as well - ideal for manuals, company catalogues, brochures, price lists or menu cards.

Our range of uncoated papers use ColorLok® technology, engineered to product the best possible digital prints (with more saturated colours and bolder blacks) and also optimised for inkjet printers - to get faster drying times.

Environmentally friendly, all of these papers feature share one of more certifications such as FSC, PEFC and EU Ecolabel.

This range of digital printing paper is available in a selection of brands and in a choice of sizes, weights, colours, finish and quantities.

Prestige Office Papers (52 Products)

Our Creative, luxury paper range for digital printing, for letterheads, invitation cards and other material that need to signal elegance.

Sub-families & Products

Premium Office Papers (52 Products)

Premium office papers, available in a large choice of whiteness, smoothness and bulk, for printing presentations and colour documents, to meet your expectations of printing quality on any office equipment.

Business Office Papers (34 Products)

A range of high-quality home and office papers, great for reproducing business communications - guaranteed to deliver reliable and consistent performances page after page, saving money and time.

Designed for trouble-free performances and to avoid paper jams during high volume printing, these papers are also suitable for double sided (or duplex) printing with compatible printers.

Some grades, benefit from the addition of ColorLok® technology optimising superior performance on inkjet printers and engineered to offer more saturated colours and bolder blacks.

Environmentally friendly, most of these papers are either PEFC or FSC® certified and some of them are also EU Ecolabel certified.

This range of office premium papers are available in a selection of brands and in different formats, weights, thicknesses, quantities.

Basic Office Papers (11 Products)

A range of high-quality office and home papers guaranteed to deliver a reliable and consistent performance page after page - suitable for laser, inkjet and photocopying.

These papers are designed for trouble-free performances, high volume copying and printing (even duplex with compatible printers) and daily use.

This range is great for reproducing business documents, records, drafts and memos.

Some papers in the range benefit from the addition of ColorLok® technology, engineered to enhance performance on inkjet printers.

Products in the range are sustainably sourced many being PEFC, FSC® accredited, in addition papers in this range may also be European EU Ecolabel certified.

Basic Office papers are available in different brands and in a choice of sizes and grammages.