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Paper and boards for offset printing & preprint papers suitable for direct mail personalisation, letterheads or forms. Antalis presents you with all the offset papers that could need with optimal performance for all of your print requirements. From premium, preprint, recycled, bulk to digital-specific paper, you can customize your offset paper through colour, look and feel. Regardless of the printing techniques used, Antalis has the most suitable solution.

Premium (88 Products)

A selection of premium offset papers for superb printing results and runnability, in a wide offer of sizes, grammages, shades, for all kinds of applications.

This assortment includes a variety of carbon balanced papers from Olin, made from eucalyptus fibres, in three versions (Smooth, Regular and Rough). Olin is well-known for its natural appearance, opacity and colour reproduction.

The Olin range is perfect for high-end publications (magazine, art books, corporate correspondence) and its heavier sheets are great to create gift bags or sophisticated packaging.

Pergraphica® Smooth and Rough are papers designed for professional print, guaranteed for use on all the main leading digital production presses (including HP Indigo) and optimised for offset and digital printing.

Both Olin and Pergraphica® are suitable for post-print processes such as dye cutting, embossing, hot foil stamping.

These sheets are capable to handle impeccably electrostatic charges, as well as high temperatures and pressures, various toners and inks, always achieving outstanding results.

These premium papers are all eco-friendly, compliant with ISO 1400, ISO 9001, ISO 9706 and at least FSC® certified.

Recycled (109 Products)

For your packaging and communication requirements, if you're looking for 100% recycled paper and outstanding print quality, this is it!

Antalis presents the entire catalogue of recycled offset papers.

Choose an ecological medium for your work, marking its commitment to protecting the environment, without sacrificing the quality of the desired results.

With fully or partially recycled uncoated paper on offer, you have the options to produce standard printed matter in a socially responsible manner without compromising on the environment and print quality.

Sub-families & Products

Preprint & Laser (163 Products)

You need to combine litho-offset printing with laser or inkjet personalisation? Our preprint range is there for you: with a large choice of papers, you will find what you need in terms of whiteness, bulk, opacity and price for all your letterheads, purchase orders, coupons, programs, direct mailings, activity reports, mail orders...

Sub-families & Products

Standard (190 Products)

Premium quality products perfect for when you are seeking a high quality feel and finish.

Antalis presents you the full range of Standard offset papers for everyday jobs.

Papers selected for their quality, environmental certifications, with a wide variety of textures, formats and weights.

Take a look at the products shown here for a wide variety of graphic solutions on offset papers!

Sub-families & Products

Tinted Folio (162 Products)

From premium to standard, this comprehensive range of tinted folio sheets offer a wide choice to meet all your needs.

Give your corporate communications that chic touch thanks to the wide range of coloured papers offered by Antalis.

Here you will find a wide range of premium offset papers for digital printing in both HP Indigo and Dry Toner technology.

Antalis offers a network of support who can advise you on the most suitable substrates.

Sub-families & Products