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Papier couché Grand Format - [Offset spécial Numérique]


Paper and boards for offset printing & preprint papers suitable for direct mail personalisation, letterheads or forms.

Premium (145 Products)

Papier Offset - Offset Premium

A range of premium papers which are made to exacting quality standards to give superb print and runnability credentials.

Sub-families & Products

Recycled (56 Products)

Papier Offset - Offset Recyclé

These Recycled Papers are also FSC® certified with a choice of Cream and High White to meet your environmental needs.

Sub-families & Products

Preprint & Laser (124 Products)

Papier Offset - Offset Preprint & Laser

These papers are ideal for both conventional and digital machines, with a number being specifically developed for use in mono & colour laser printers

Sub-families & Products

Standard (195 Products)

Offset Standard

Premium quality products perfect for when you are seeking a high quality feel and finish.

Sub-families & Products

Tinted folio (157 Products)

Papier Offset couleur - Offset Couleur

From premium to standard, this comprehensive range of tinted folio sheets offer a wide choice to meet all your needs.

Sub-families & Products