A great choice of both recycled papers & grades that carry a recognised environmental label like the FSC or PEFC certificate.

Cast coated (1 Products)

Papier couché Chrome

A range of cast coated products available in white and modern colours

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Recycled (0 Products)


A range with recycled content, but at the same time maintaining its high white finish. A combination hard to resist!

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Woodfree (475 Products)

Woodfree papers which are ideal for all types of printed communications and can be fully recycled

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High bulk (20 Products)

Papier couché - Couché Bouffant

High bulk papers are ideal for direct mail, books and catalogues as they allow a lower weight paper to be used, often resulting in lower paper and mailing costs

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Digital specific (86 Products)

Recyclé - Gamme Numérique

A range of coated papers in a range of sizes and substances produced specifically for your digital needs

Sub-families & Products