A 3 Stars “Green Star System” product means it is FSC® or PEFC™ certified, and it is produced from a ISO 14001 mill. To learn more, click on logo. CONQUEROR WOVE DIGITAL

Conqueror Wove Digital, as the standard version, is a premium paper that combines high-contrast matt printing performance with the warm, soft touch of an authentic wove - ideal for adding a sophisticated look to your communications.

This digital specific Conqueror assortment has been optimised for use on dry toner presses - perfect for presentations, announcements, brochures, press kits.

The Conqueror Digital Wove Dry Toner is also suitable for litho, letterpress, silk screen, but only the lighter grammage is guaranteed for use with all laser and inkjet printers.

Conqueror Wove digital papers are offered SRA3 size, in two weights (100 and 220 grams) with different shades of white. Eco-friendly, FSC® and ECF certified. ISO 14001. ISO 9706. ISO 2002: 2000.

Key Features
High quality paper
Soft Touch
Dry toner compatible


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