Tactile papers are printing papers where a feature has been added to their surface to give them a unique feel and to make your printed materials just exceptional - not only to the touch but also to the eyes. Tactile papers are therefore perfect to promote your communications in a sophisticated and impactful way.

These tactile premium papers are designed for high-end brochures, special announcements, press releases, event invitations, business cards - accompany them with the complementary matching envelopes (also available), to make your mailing and your brand identity even more memorable.

In this selection of creative papers, you can choose among three different tactile sensations: the soft coating akin to the peach skin of the Curious Collection Skin range, the natural organic feel of the Olin Origins sheets, the silky sand-like texture of Curious Matter.

The paper thickness has also to be considered when choosing tactile papers: heavier sheets appropriate for creating luxury packaging are not usually suitable for use on office printers. However, the grammages of these tactile papers are guaranteed for most finishing and printing technologies - including dry toner presses and HP Indigo.

This whole tactile assortment is at least FSC® and ECF certified, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 compliant.

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