A 4 Stars “Green Star System” product means it is FSC® or PEFC™ certified, or made from min. 50% recycled fibres, and it is produced from a ISO 14001 and/or EU Ecolabel mill. To learn more, click on logo. NAVIGATOR PRÉSENTATION

Navigator Presentation is a 100gsm bright white multifunctional office premium paper with an extra smooth surface ideal for printing high definition images and suitable for double-sided printing (also called duplex, check compatibility with your printer), without any show through, on all colour laser and inkjet printers, or copiers. This paper, with a whiteness of 169 CIE, will give you excellent print contrast, optimal sharpness, and rich vivid colours, to create printouts with an outstanding visual impact. A special treatment (called UHD Formula) has been given to the Navigator Presentation paper to maintain the colour pigments near the micro porous surface, and ensuring fast ink drying, accurate absorption and optimal contrast for high definition images - perfect for inkjet printers. Furthermore, the extra smooth surface of the Navigator Presentation paper not only offers a silky touch, but it also helps reduce paper jams and improve runability. Navigator Presentation is environmentally friendly, great for sustainability: Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF), FSC® certified, and awarded with the EU Ecolabel. Navigator Presentation papers are is available in a choice of sizes.

Key Features
- Superior thickness and smoothness
- Duplex printing and intense use of colour guaranteed without print show
- Exceptional runnability with 99,99% paper jam free
- Guaranteed multi-functionality
- Outstanding print quality
- Consistent quality made of Eucalyptus Globulus fibres
-FSC Certified
-EU Ecolabel certified


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Navigator Presentation FSC Mix 70% 210x297mm 100gm2 Pack 500


Navigator Presentation FSC Mix 70% 420x297mm 100gm2 Pack 500

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