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Discover a wide range of digital specific premium papers, specially designed for dry offset applications and compatible with most dry toner presses.

Dry toner-based laser printing technology involves fusing the toner into the surface of the paper using a 180° heated oven (see note): the advantage of this technology is that it is possible to print on a large majority of media - ideal for high-end publications.

These creative papers are perfect for stylish catalogues, brochures, invitations, eye-catching covers, packaging applications such as folding boxes or paper bags.

Suitable for offset litho, silkscreen, letterpress: several of these sheets can be used on inkjets printers for office use. Also guaranteed for blind embossing, debossing, die stamping, hot foiling and, in some cases, laser cutting.

These digital Dry Toner papers are available in different sizes and formats, weights, colours and quantities. Eco-friendly, certified ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) and FSC®. Compliant with ISO 9706, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Note: Polyethylene (PE) and Poplypropylene (PP) synthetic films are not compatible, and only Polyester films resist 180° toner fusion.

Conqueror CX22 Digital (0 Products)

This Conqueror CX22 has been especially optimised for dry toner presses. Like the standard CX22 paper, also this digital version is ultra-smooth and designed with a low-friction surface to avoid paper jams during high volume printing.

The Conqueror CX22 Dry Toner is ideal for high-end corporate communications, and modern, luxury publications such as presentations, brochures, press kits and business cards.

The 100g sheets are suitable for office use with laser and inkjet printers (mono or colour) - the whole selection is guaranteed for litho, letterpress, silk screen and dry offset (Toray) and compatible with folding, creasing and die-cutting, embossing and hot foil stamping.

Conqueror CX22 Dry Toner is an eco-friendly paper, certified FSC®, ECF, ISO 14001 and ISO 9002:2000: it is available in SRA3 sizes, in a choice of weights.

Conqueror Laid Digital (0 Products)

This digital specific creative paper has been specially designed for use on dry tonner presses. As the standard version, Conqueror Laid Digital (also known as Conqueror Laid Dry Toner) features a traditional ribbed texture (originally created to guide handwriting) which is perfect to offer your correspondence, brochures and printed media a timeless elegance.

The Conqueror Laid Dry Toner paper has visible stretch marks and the warp metal threads on the surface retain the pulp to provide a nice tactile experience.

Conqueror Laid digital is suitable for litho, letterpress, silk screen and Toray. Only the 100g sheets are guaranteed for office use, with all inkjet or laser devices.

Conqueror Laid Digital Dry Toner comes SRA3 size in a choice of white shades, and two weights (100 and 220 grams). This assortment is FSC® and ECF certified, complaint ISO 9002:2000, ISO 14001 ad ISO 9706.

Conqueror Wove Digital (0 Products)

Conqueror Wove Digital, as the standard version, is a premium paper that combines high-contrast matt printing performance with the warm, soft touch of an authentic wove - ideal for adding a sophisticated look to your communications.

This digital specific Conqueror assortment has been optimised for use on dry toner presses - perfect for presentations, announcements, brochures, press kits.

The Conqueror Digital Wove Dry Toner is also suitable for litho, letterpress, silk screen, but only the lighter grammage is guaranteed for use with all laser and inkjet printers.

Conqueror Wove digital papers are offered SRA3 size, in two weights (100 and 220 grams) with different shades of white. Eco-friendly, FSC® and ECF certified. ISO 14001. ISO 9706. ISO 2002: 2000.

Curious Metallics Digital (0 Products)

Curious Collection Digital Metallics is probably the most elegant assortment in the Curious Collection range. Optimised for dry toners, this digital specific paper features a natural wove surface able to enhance the subtle but stunning metallic shimmer effect of its finish.

Curious Collection Metallics Dry Toner is the ideal choice for an innovative communication, perfect to create luxury packaging applications, as well as elegant covers, stylish brochures or press kits.

Curious Collection Digital Metallics is specifically designed for dry offset (Toray), and it is suitable for litho, silk screen and finishing techniques such as blind embossing, hot foiling and die stamping.
Only the lighter 120g sheets can be used with laser printers - but the whole grammages are guaranteed for all mono and colour inkjets.

Environmentally friendly, FSC® and ECF certified, the Curious Collection Metallics Dry Toner is available SRA3 size in a wide selection of colours and weights. Also complaint ISO 9706, ISO 14001, and ISO 9002.

Curious Skin Digital (0 Products)

Optimised for dry toner presses, the Curious Collection Digital Skin is a satin paper that combines bold and intense colours to a sophisticated tactile experience to create modern, contemporary documents.

This digital specific Dry Toner collection is ideal for stylish catalogues, brochures, invitations, eye-catching covers and perfect for luxury packaging applications: the matt finish is resistant to fingerprints and abrasion, perfect for high-end publications.

Curious Collection Digital Skin Dry Toner is not compatible with office printing technology but it is suitable for offset litho (colours: oxidizing inks, whites: semi fresh inks), silkscreen, letterpress.
This paper is also guaranteed for embossing and debossing, die stamping, hot foiling; laser cutting on colours only, and tests are recommended.

Curious Collection Digital Skin Dry Toner is environmentally friendly, ECF and FSC® certified. Compliant ISO 9706, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.