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Our extensive range of synthetic boards for internal and external applications.

    Synthetic Foam (45 Products)

    PVC Espumado - Soportes rígidos sintéticos

    A complete range of Foam rigid PVC's in a variety of densities suitable for interior and exterior applications

    Foam Board (24 Products)

    Foam centred display boards offer a lightweight foam-core signage solution. Most commonly used for hanging signs, this product group is also ideal for both direct printing and mounting prints.

    APET (0 Products)

    Polyester based APET sheets

    Sub-families & Products

    ACM (10 Products)

    Aluminium composite is a lightweight product used for interior and exterior signage and hoarding applications. Consisting of a lightweight polyethylene core faced with two thin sheets of aluminium and then stove enamelled, it has a printable surface which can be white or of differing colours/finishes