Synthetisch zelfklevend materiaal


Synthetic substrates suitable for digital dry toner printing (Laser / Dry Toner Printing)

Polyart Laser (0 Products)

Polyart laser offers a unique paper feel thanks to a new high-tech coating. Combined with a heat-stable polymer it offers excellent print quality with smooth processing through the press. Bringing innovation, new opportunities and enhancing your product portfolio when paper reaches its limits. Can be printed in both simplex and duplex mode. Press performance, feeding, toner adhesion and print quality have all been checked and give excellent results.

KernowPrint (0 Products)

Metalized laminate for dry toner digital printing. Innovative, with a special coating ensuring phenomenal printing effects. Perfect for the production of exclusive packaging

Magnecote Digital (3 Products)

The worlds first magnetic paper is now available for HP Indigo presses. Combining a coated paper with a proprietary magnetic coating to create a paper that can be printed, perforated, die-cut, and laminated. MagneCote delivers high quality printing with excellent colour reproduction, superior ink adhesion and a long shelf life.

Hydroprint (0 Products)

The Pro range of synthetic media for medium to high end dry toner laser presses. This media is tear-resistant, waterproof, light resistant.

Image Polywhite (1 Products)

Image Polywhite is a 2-sided, matt-aqueous, coated polyester film that has been optimized for dry toner printing applications.