Antalis has a complete range of digital papers for dry toner printing. We offer a wide range of sizes and grammages, with approvals and certificates from all the major OEM's, including Xerox.

Coated Papers (89 Products)

Gestreken papier

Antalis has a complete range of fully coated digital papers for dry toner printing. We offer a wide range of sizes and grammages.

Sub-families & Products

Uncoated Papers (244 Products)

High quality uncoated digital printing papers with exceptional performance for digital printing on Xerox and dry toner devices. Our team of Antalis paper consultants will recommend specific support to ensure you make the best choice.

Creative Papers & Corporate Communication (44 Products)

Discover excellence in digital papers from our premium creative range, the wide variety of creative substrates will meet all your needs. Discover your favourite creative paper ranges now available for digital printing. Take advantage of the Conqueror, Rives, Keaykolour, Curious and Pop'Set brands for your dry toner prints. With excellent value for money and fast delivery, Antalis brings you an extensive portfolio of HP Indigo and dry toner digital creative papers designed especially for your everyday needs.

Graphical & POS Boards (74 Products)

Antalis has a wide range of Luxury graphical and POS board suitable for HP Indigo. Dry-toner and Offset printing. We have in the range SBS Boards, GC1 boards and GC2 boards. Suitable for the best quality carton work, as well as graphical and POS jobs.

Sub-families & Products

Carbonless Papers (48 Products)

Xerox Premium digital carbonless paper is optimised for all digital printing. Printing multi part forms on-demand has never been easier, as one product does it all – helping you save money whilst increasing flexibility and improving productivity. Create a wide variety of forms with digital print features including; barcodes, logos, sequential numbering, and any amount of variable data or personalisation. Available in single sheets or pre collated sets, Xerox Premium Digital carbonless is the perfect solution