Papier de bureau couleur


Colour paper offers the perfect solution for organising your office or to give your leaflets and flyers added impact.

    Coloraction (143 Products)

    Papier de bureau couleur

    Image Coloraction is an FSC® certified range of tinted papers from pale to dark tints, guaranteed for use with inkjet printers up to 120g/m2 and desktop lasers up to and including 160g/m2.

    Data Colours (2 Products)

    Data Colours is a premium range of coloured office papers and card in a comprehensive pallet of shades, suitable for inkjet and laser printers.

    Canon Colours (0 Products)

    Canon Colours is a comprehensive range of coloured papers for every day office use and is guaranteed for mono inkjet and laser printing, copying, faxing and general office use. It is ideal for internal memos, posters and communications. All papers in the Canon range have undergone strict testing on a variety of machines prior to approval for sale.