Premium office papers, available in a large choice of whiteness, smoothness and bulk, for printing presentations and colour documents, to meet your expectations of printing quality on any office equipment.

Conqueror Bamboo (0 Products)

The Conqueror Bamboo range combines an exceptional print quality with a natural soft touch - ideal to create prestigious business cards, luxury brochures, certificates, sophisticated menus, and important press releases or announcements. Conqueror Bamboo paper is available watermarked - to give that extra rich touch to your prestigious corporate communication - or without watermark.

This premium Conqueror paper is made from 50% bamboo fibres and it is that high content of fast-growing, sustainable grass that makes the Conqueror Bamboo truly unique, perfect for embossing and also suitable for long life documents.

All the Conqueror Bamboo papers are guaranteed for offset or screen printing - but only the 100gsm and 120gsm lighter paper versions can be used on mono and colour laser or all inkjet printers.

Conqueror Bamboo comes in a choice of shades and in several thicknesses or sizes to cover all your business needs.

Conqueror Bamboo is an environmentally friendly paper, FSC® certified, Carbon Neutral, no OBA (optical brightness agents), fully recyclable. ISO 9002:2000. ISO 14001.

Conqueror Contour (0 Products)

Conqueror Contour is designed for a multitude of printing applications, from business cards and presentation brochures to announcements and promotional projects. This sophisticated, luxury paper features a hammered and slightly embossed texture to offer the recipients a tactile experience - in addition to impeccable print results and ultra-smooth finish.

The Conqueror Contour paper comes with watermark - ideal to offer that extra touch to your communications - or non-watermarked. Contour creative papers can be used for both hot foil stamping and blind embossing - reprography is also possible up to 120gsm, beyond which tests are required.

The lightest 100gsm paper of the Conqueror Contour assortment works on all laser and inkjet printers - thicker versions are suitable for offset or screen printing - but they are not guaranteed for office use.

The Conqueror Contour range with a selection of matching envelopes is available in a choice of sizes, formats, thicknesses and colours. Contour papers are environmentally friendly, FSC® certified and carbon neutral. ISO 9002:2000. ISO 14001.

Conqueror CX22 (0 Products)

Conqueror CX22 is an ultra-smooth, shiny business paper intended to produce outstanding high-definition prints and designed with a low-friction surface to avoid paper jams during high volume printing.

This creative CX22 paper features a silky surface and satin finish, ideal to create high-end corporate communication materials, or modern and luxury publications such as product presentations, sophisticated brochures, important press releases or prestigious business cards.

The lighter versions of the Conqueror CX22 paper (up to 120 grams) are also available watermarked - perfect if you want to give your corporate documents a more elegant touch.

The CX22 is suitable for folding, creasing and die-cutting, embossing and hot foil stamping, offset or screen printing - but only papers up to 160gsm are guaranteed for use with all laser and inkjet printers.

Conqueror CX22 is an environmentally friendly paper, certified FSC®, ECF, ISO 14001 and ISO 9002:2000 and it comes in a choice of sizes and formats, weights, colours. Conqueror CX22 is also offered in 25% and 100% recycled versions.

Data Copy Everyday Printing (9 Products)

Data Copy: a smooth, brilliant white paper, for home and office use. This range of premium paper features high values of whiteness, for excellent print contrasts, vivid rich colours and sharp images - ideal for printing text and graphics with laser or inkjet printers. Data Copy ensures outstanding runability and efficiency - great for large volume of printing and copying. Furthermore, Data Copy benefits by ColorLok® technology: a special additive was added to the paper to obtain faster drying times, more saturated colours and bolder blacks (the colour pigments remain near the paper surface or on it) - to achieve the best possible printouts. Environmentally friendly, the Data Copy paper is FSC® and ECF certified, and awarded with the European EU Ecolabel. Data Copy is available in a choice of sizes, weights, and quantities to cover all your office or personal needs.

Image Impact (13 Products)

Image Impact is a premium quality paper which will really make your communication impactful.

The high whiteness of this Image Impact is perfect to boost the intensity of the colours - ideal for printing presentations, company reports, photographs and business communications.

The paper’s high opacity allows double sided printing (or duplex) with compatible machines: performance and outstanding results are guaranteed for both colour laser and inkjet printers, as well as copiers.

Image Impact paper uses ColorLok® technology, specifically optimised for inkjet printing: a stabilizer is added to the paper to get more saturated colours, bolder blacks, faster drying times, and achieve the best possible prints.

Image Impact is environmentally friendly, awarded with the EU Ecolabel, FSC® and ECF certified.

The Image Impact range is available in a choice of sizes and grammages to meet your digital printing needs