An extensive range of uncoated and coated papers specially developed for colour laser printers, copiers and digital colour presses - perfect for offices and commercial printing jobs. The superior whiteness and the smooth surface of these papers ensure brilliant colour contrast and pin sharp images each and every time. These papers are excellent for colour reproduction (specially of graphics and digital images) but they are suitable for use in mono laser and inkjet printers as well - ideal for manuals, company catalogues, brochures, price lists or menu cards. Our range of uncoated papers use ColorLok® technology, engineered to product the best possible digital prints (with more saturated colours and bolder blacks) and also optimised for inkjet printers - to get faster drying times. Environmentally friendly, all of these papers feature share one of more certifications such as FSC, PEFC and EU Ecolabel. This range of digital printing paper is available in a selection of brands and in a choice of sizes, weights, colours, finish and quantities.

Xerox Colotech (48 Products)

Xerox Colotech is available in an assortment of coated and uncoated paper, and gloss or silk finish. The range features the Xerox Colotech Plus, the benchmark paper for digital colour reproduction - suitable for inkjet and dry toner applications, ideal for office use and commercial printing jobs. Xerox Colotech+ shares all the benefit of the ColorLok® technology: during the paper-making process, a special chemical additive is added to “lock” the colour pigments on the surface to deliver more saturated colours, bolder blacks and faster drying times - for outstanding results with any laser and inkjet printers or copiers. Designed specifically for use with digital colour printers and copiers, Xerox Colotech+ Silk Coated is perfect for leaflets or corporate brochures, catalogues or calendars - also appropriate for home printing jobs. For your promotional prints, Xerox Colotech+ Gloss Coated: an ultra-smooth two-sided coated paper featuring a high gloss level and a bright white shade to enhance sharpness for crystal clear image definition and colour brilliance. The Xerox Colotech+ range is offered in a choice of sizes, weights and grains. Xerox 100% performance guaranteed, EU Ecolabel and FSC® certified.

Xerox Colour Impressions (7 Products)

Xerox Colour Impressions is a two side coated premium paper ideal for full-colour printing. This Xerox paper is available with a high gloss finish (Xerox Colour Impressions Gloss) or with a low gloss coating (Xerox Colour Impressions Silk) - both versions featuring an ultra-smooth surface with a high level of whiteness. Xerox Colour Impressions is suitable for dry toner, colour laser and HP Indigo applications - perfect for office use. Available in a choice of sizes, weights and grains. PEFC Certified, EU Ecolabel accredited.

Color Copy (25 Products)

Color Copy Original is a soft white, superior quality paper developed specifically for modern digital printing applications, trouble-free. The Color Copy Original paper is suitable for both laser and inkjet printers and it has been engineered using ColorLok® technology (a4 and A3 sizes) to achieve the best possible prints: a special additive has been added to the paper to deliver more saturated colours, bolder blacks, and faster drying times. Featuring a wide range of weights, Color Copy Original can be easily used for manuals, company catalogues, brochures, price lists or menu cards: the Color Copy Original paper will always offer an elegant look, a smooth feel, a sharp finish, and unbeatable quality. Color Copy Original is also environmentally friendly: FSC® and EU Ecolabel certified, and carbon neutral - the CO2 produced while making this paper is calculated and the cost is reinvested into carbon-reducing schemes. Color Copy has also achieved Bronze award status in the Cradle to Cradle scheme further enhancing its environmental credentials Color Copy Original paper is available in a choice of sizes and weights, perfect for all your colour digital printing needs.

Color Copy Style (5 Products)

Color Copy Style: high-quality extra smooth uncoated papers, extremely versatile, designed for use with colour laser printers. White with an elegant ivory shade, Color Copy Style is the ideal choice for sophisticated communications and printouts such as certificates and full colour documents. The Color Copy Style paper’s natural creamy white shade ensures true-to-life exceptionally vivid colours and a special surface treatment offers precisely adjusted smoothness for outstanding and elegant results. The Color Copy Style paper is environmentally friendly, FSC® certified, EU Ecolabel certified and ECF . Color Copy Style is a premium paper available in a choice of different sizes and weights

HP Color Choice (12 Products)

HP Color Choice is specifically designed for colour printing, to achieve bold, vibrant colours and rich black tones - ideal for presentations, reports, newsletters and suitable for any other documents that need a professional look and feel. Highly white, HP Color Choice paper provides a super smooth surface for uniform gloss, colour contrast and sharp text: perfect for duplex printing (also known as double-sided printing). This HP multipurpose paper has been optimised to offer superior results and consistent printing performances with both inkjet and laser printers. HP Color Choice features ColorLok® technology which means more brighter colours ,bolder black tones and faster drying time for inkjet printers, and better print quality . HP Color Choice is available in different sizes and weights. FSC certified and EU Ecolabel certified