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Produits papier autocopiant


This desensitising ink can be used to neutralise particular areas of forms, where no image tranfer is desired.

Idem Self separating Glue (0 Products)

Produits papier autocopiant - Idem Colle Auto-Séparante

This glue is formulated to hold the carbonless papers together, while at the same time allowing easy separation of the sets.

Idem desensitising ink (0 Products)

Produits papier autocopiant - Idem Encre Désensibilisante

This Ink has been specially designed to maintain the confidentiality of certain information by preventing the development of the copy. The Ink has to be applied to the front of the CF sheet for it to work correctly.

Linson Embossed Binding Tapes (7 Products)

This is an embossed, self-adhesive single sided tape, coated with a high tac hot melt adhesive.

Padding Glue (1 Products)

Antalis 8101 Padding Glue is a synthetic resin adhesive, which dries to a tough, translucent and flexible film.

Reacto Self Separating Glue (1 Products)

This adhesive is solvent-free and specially suited to reacto paper.