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Papier couché - Couché Bouffant


High bulk papers are ideal for direct mail, books and catalogues as they allow a lower weight paper to be used, often resulting in lower paper and mailing costs

    Claro Bulk (12 Products)

    Claro bulk is a matt coated paper and board with a 1.1 volume, which allows you to reduce substance, but still achieve the overall bulk and feel of any printed job.

    Claro *Bulk (8 Products)

    Claro Bulk is a high-bulk (>1.0) coated paper, unrivalled on the market. Its velvety matt surface gives a unique feel to any printing while providing excellent printability. Claro Bulk is the ideal product if you want to give volume to your printed documents while placing the emphasis on colour contrasts.

    Challenger Laser Matt (0 Products)

    Challenger Laser Matt Plus is bulky with a good white shade. It is ideal for reports and accounts, brochures and direct mail.