A 3 Stars “Green Star System” product means it is FSC® or PEFC™ certified, and it is produced from a ISO 14001 mill. To learn more, click on logo. OLIN SMOOTH

Olin Design Smooth uncoated paper is part of an inclusive range of carbon balanced premium papers.

This selection from the Olin Design features a smooth surface delightfully soft, and great opacity: the Olin Smooth paper offers an exceptional colour reproduction and it can be printed on both sides (please note that duplex or double-sided printing require compatible inkjet or laser printers to work).

Olin Design Smooth combines natural appearance, velvety touch and exceptional printing performance thanks to the eucalyptus fibres this prestige office paper is made from.

Suitable for screen printing, dry toner and offset applications, foil blocking (or hot foil stamping), embossing, the Olin Smooth paper will bring your corporate communications and publishing projects to life.

Available in different sizes and formats, three shades of white and in a wide selection of grammages and matching envelopes.

Olin Smooth is environmentally friendly, certified FSC® and Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF). OBA free. ISO 1400, ISO 9001, ISO 9706.

Key Features
- Premium offset paper

- Excellent opacity

- High printing quality

- The softest finish

- A wide range of shades and weights available

- Carbon balanced

- Good environmental credentials including FSC® certification

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Olin Design Smooth Absolute White Fsc4sra2+ 460 X 640mm 100gm2 250/pk


Olin Design Smooth Absolute White Fsc4sra2+ 460 X 640mm 120gm2 250/pk


Olin Design Smooth Absolute White Fsc4b1 720 X 1020mm 150gm2 150/pk


Olin Design Smooth Absolute White Fsc4b1 720 X 1020mm 200gm2 125/pk


Olin Design Smooth Absolute White Fsc4b1 720 X 1020mm 250gm2 125/pk


Olin Design Smooth Absolute White Fsc4b1 720 X 1020mm 350gm2 100/pk


Olin Design Smooth High White Fsc4sra2 450 X 640mm 100gm2 250/pk


Olin Design Smooth Absolute White Fsc4sra1+ 650 X 920mm 120gm2 250/pk


Olin Design Smooth High White Fsc4sra1+ 650 X 920mm 120gm2 250/pk


Olin Design Smooth High White Fsc4sra1+ 650 X 920mm 200gm2 125/pk

End of life
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For your business communication, choose the softness and the elegance of this satin smooth paper - the watermarked version is ideal to make any business communication a work of art.

These creative papers - with matching envelopes - will give your cards and invitations, brochures, catalogues, press kits and annual reports an elegant touch - perfect to define your brand.

Although digital communications may sound eco-friendlier, the paper industry has made so enormous efforts to limit its impact on the environment that paper letter mailing is now acceptable for a business (all sheets in these assortments are either recycled or FSC® certified) - and considered a much better way to engage with customers.

These smooth papers can also be used for creating luxury packaging: easy to customise, they are not only very resistant, but also suitable for hot foil stamping, embossing, creasing, folding, varnishing, embossing or die-cutting. However, to obtain the best possible results, it is essential to choose the right grammage - and some testing may be required.

This range of environmentally friendly smooth papers comes in a choice of brands, colours, formats, thicknesses, sizes and quantities. Matching envelopes are also available.

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Conqueror Iridescent is your paper choice for printing invitation and business cards, rich brochures or annual reports and make them more sophisticated.

This prestige Conqueror paper features a subtle pearly glaze surface, in four shades of white, enhanced by a satin feel - perfect to enrich your printed documents and corporate communication with a luxury touch.
The Conqueror Iridescent range comes in different thicknesses, from the flexible 100g paper to the rigid 350gsm’s, all non-watermarked.

All Contour Iridescent papers are suitable for blind embossing, hot foil stamping, offset or screen printing and also reprography (up to 160gsm) - however the 100g version only is guaranteed to work on mono or colour laser and inkjet printers.

The Conqueror Iridescent range (with an assortment of matching envelopes) is available in a choice of sizes and formats, weights, and colours (by elegant names such as e.g. Gold Dust or Golden Haze).

Conqueror Iridescent is environmentally friendly: FSC®, ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) and carbon neutral. The range also meets standard ISO 9002:2000 and ISO 14001.

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Choosing the right envelope is important as this is often the first thing someone will see from your company. Our range of Creative Envelopes make sure your communication will provide a lasting first impression. Take care of your communication and correspondence down to the smallest detail. Make your deliveries stand out with the different colours, transparency, textures and formats of our envelope ranges. Let yourself be guided by Antalis and decide on the formats, colors and materials that you really need. Antalis details the benefits of each of these envelopes and helps you make the best decision, while ensuring that you benefit from the most attractive rates on the market.

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Book wraps, created to provide all round protection for a large variety of items. Constructed from cardboard with reinforced edges and strong corners, these book wraps minimise postage costs while providing maximum security. Available in a range of sizes.

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