Tactile papers are printing papers where a feature has been added to their surface to give them a unique feel and to make your printed materials just exceptional - not only to the touch but also to the eyes. Tactile papers are therefore perfect to promote your communications in a sophisticated and impactful way.

These tactile premium papers are designed for high-end brochures, special announcements, press releases, event invitations, business cards - accompany them with the complementary matching envelopes (also available), to make your mailing and your brand identity even more memorable.

In this selection of creative papers, you can choose among three different tactile sensations: the soft coating akin to the peach skin of the Curious Collection Skin range, the natural organic feel of the Olin Origins sheets, the silky sand-like texture of Curious Matter.

The paper thickness has also to be considered when choosing tactile papers: heavier sheets appropriate for creating luxury packaging are not usually suitable for use on office printers. However, the grammages of these tactile papers are guaranteed for most finishing and printing technologies - including dry toner presses and HP Indigo.

This whole tactile assortment is at least FSC® and ECF certified, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 compliant.

Curious Skin (0 Products)

Part of the Curious Collection range, designed to enrich your paper communication by adding a nice tactile and visual experience, Curious Collection Skin is a satin paper that combines intense colours and a sensual touch to create modern and contemporary corporate documents.

The Skin collection is ideal for stylish brochures and catalogues, for printing elegant invitations as well as for the creation of eye-catching covers and luxury packaging. The matt finish of the Curious Collection Skin is resistant to fingerprints and abrasion, which make this assortment perfect for high-end publications.

None of the grammars are compatible with office printing technology, and therefore papers from this range are not guaranteed for use with laser or inkjet printers - Curious Collection Skin is nonetheless suitable for offset litho, silkscreen, letterpress, embossing and debossing, hot foiling and die stamping.

Curious Collection Skin is available long grain in 135, 270 and 380gsm versions, and in a selection of solid colours (by sophisticated names as Absynthe, Lavender or Stone). Certified FSC®, ECF, ISO 9706 and ISO 14001, highly recommended for eco-responsible companies.

Curious Touch (0 Products)

Curious Touch (also known as Curious Collection Touch) is a creative paper for corporate communications that offers a unique one-sided soft touch coating akin to the skin of a peach - such special tactile experience that can be added so easily to your documents is the natural solution to promote your company in an effortlessly very stylish way.

These tactile papers, part of the innovative Curious Collection range, are designed for high-end brochures, press releases, covers, invitations and special announcements.

Curious Touch is optimized for UV offset printing and screen printing and suitable for embossing, hot foiling and varnishing - tested for office use, the Curious Touch paper is compatible with inkjet printers only, no matter the grammage.

Environmentally friendly, Curious Collection Touch comes in a single format (700 x 1000 mm) ideal for offset printing. FSC®, ECF, ISO 14001 and ISO 9002 certified.

Curious Touch Envelopes (0 Products)

Logo Curious Touch

These Curious Collection Touch (or Curious Touch) are the envelopes to select if you like to match the premium papers from the same Curious series - a perfect complement that will offer the recipients a great tactile experience combined with a pleasant visual effect.

The Curious Touch envelopes feature a soft touch finish similar to the skin of a peach - ideal to accompany the mailing of luxury brochures, important invitations, high-end corporate documents, business letters, press releases and special announcements.

Curious Touch tactile papers are guaranteed for screen printing, UV offset and inkjet printers only: easily customisable, suitable for embossing, varnishing and hot foiling.

These Curious Touch envelopes with superseal closure (also known as peal and seal) are available in one grammage only (120gsm) and a choice of creamy colours, formats, sizes.
Eco-friendly, the Touch range is FSC® and ECF certified, ISO 14001 and ISO 9002 compliant.

Curious Matter (0 Products)

Curious Collection Matter is part of the Curious Collection series of premium papers created to offer a nice tactile and visual experience, ideal for sophisticated business communications.

These creative papers from the Curious Matter assortment are available in a choice of grammages (from 125 to 380gsm) to cover different applications - from luxury packaging (e.g. for perfumes) to clothing labels.

This eco-friendly paper has been engineered using an innovative process, based on the starch contained in the potato peelings, perfect to offer a unique silk sand-like feel to the touch and to give intense, bold colours - each of them in fact named after a different variety of such root vegetable.
For that reason, this Curious Collection Matter range comes in Black Truffle, Adiron Blue, Désirée Red, Andina Grey, Ibizenca Sand (Beige) and Goya White.

Curious Collection Matter works perfectly in traditional offset and it is also suitable for most printing and converting technologies.

Available in several formats, all with matching envelopes, Curious Matter is certified FSC®, ECF, ISO 9706 and ISO 14001 - highly recommended for environmentally friendly companies. Also offered 100% recycled.

Olin Origins (15 Products)

Olin Origins is inspired by nature: the premium soft papers of this assortment are available in three grammages (120, 240 and 320gsm), and combined with five shades to offer a nice look and a warm organic feel.
The five colours are named Chalk, Cereal, Pebble, Indigo, Lava Stone - to keep a strong connection to nature.

Olin Origins - together with the selection of matching envelopes - is the perfect paper for those who are looking for natural tones and a feeling of authenticity: the range is suggested for luxury packaging, event invitations, annual reports, but also for stationery, menus, posters.

Easy to customise, Olin Origins is compatible with several printing processes and finishing techniques (dry toner presses, HP Indigo, offset, multi-level embossing, letterpress, hot-foil stamping) - always achieving excellent print results.

Olin Origins is created for eco-friendly users who wants to add an even greener option to their creative projects. Olin Origins is in fact eco-friendly FSC® certified, but also Carbon Neutral and member of ‘1% for the planet’ - meaning that 1% of its sales revenue are donated to environmental, non-profit, organizations.