For your business communication, choose the softness and the elegance of this satin smooth paper - the watermarked version is ideal to make any business communication a work of art.

These creative papers - with matching envelopes - will give your cards and invitations, brochures, catalogues, press kits and annual reports an elegant touch - perfect to define your brand.

Although digital communications may sound eco-friendlier, the paper industry has made so enormous efforts to limit its impact on the environment that paper letter mailing is now acceptable for a business (all sheets in these assortments are either recycled or FSC® certified) - and considered a much better way to engage with customers.

These smooth papers can also be used for creating luxury packaging: easy to customise, they are not only very resistant, but also suitable for hot foil stamping, embossing, creasing, folding, varnishing, embossing or die-cutting. However, to obtain the best possible results, it is essential to choose the right grammage - and some testing may be required.

This range of environmentally friendly smooth papers comes in a choice of brands, colours, formats, thicknesses, sizes and quantities. Matching envelopes are also available.

    Conqueror CX22 (10 Products)

    Conqueror CX22 is an ultra-smooth, shiny business paper intended to produce outstanding high-definition prints and designed with a low-friction surface to avoid paper jams during high volume printing.

    This creative CX22 paper features a silky surface and satin finish, ideal to create high-end corporate communication materials, or modern and luxury publications such as product presentations, sophisticated brochures, important press releases or prestigious business cards.

    The lighter versions of the Conqueror CX22 paper (up to 120 grams) are also available watermarked - perfect if you want to give your corporate documents a more elegant touch.

    The CX22 is suitable for folding, creasing and die-cutting, embossing and hot foil stamping, offset or screen printing - but only papers up to 160gsm are guaranteed for use with all laser and inkjet printers.

    Conqueror CX22 is an environmentally friendly paper, certified FSC®, ECF, ISO 14001 and ISO 9002:2000 and it comes in a choice of sizes and formats, weights, colours. Conqueror CX22 is also offered in 25% and 100% recycled versions.

    Conqueror CX22 Envelopes (5 Products)

    Conqueror CX22 Envelopes feature an ultra-smooth, silky surface and excellent whiteness: watermarked and lined with tissue paper the CX22 envelopes will offer a classy look to all your letters.

    Perfect when used in combination with the complementary Conqueror CX22 range of premium papers, these Conqueror CX22 envelopes are also great to accompany high-end corporate mailing and communications - ideal to send luxury product presentations, sophisticated brochures and important press releases.

    Conqueror CX22 envelopes are light weighted: only 120 grams - which makes them suitable for offset printing and office use with any laser or inkjet printer.

    This assortment of CX22 envelopes comes with a peel and seal closure (also known as superseal) and in a choice of sizes and formats, styles, windows.

    The Conqueror CX22 range is environmentally friendly, Carbon Neutral, certified FSC®, ECF and ISO 14001. For an even much greener option, Conqueror CX22 envelopes are also available 25% or fully recycled.

    Conqueror CX22 25% Recycled (0 Products)

    Conqueror CX22 25% Recycled is an eco-responsible business fresh white paper made from 25% post-consumer fibres and 75% ECF FSC virgin fibres. The Conqueror CX 25% Recycled paper features a silky feel to the touch, an ultra-smooth surface designed to save from paper jams during high volume printing, and exceptional print qualities - ideal for enhancing all your corporate communications and perfect for high-end publications.

    The 100gsm version of the Conqueror CX22 25% comes also with watermark, useful to offer your documents a stylish finish.
    The Conqueror CX22 25% Recycled is optimized for UV offset and screen printing, embossing or hot foil stamping - however the 320gsm paper at the top of the range is not guaranteed for use with inkjet and laser printers.

    Conqueror CX22 25% Recycled is environmentally friendly, certified FSC®, ECF, ISO 14001 and Carbon (C02) Neutral: available in different sizes, formats and weights - the Conqueror CX 22 Recycled is also offered in a 100% recycled version.

    Opale Envelopes (0 Products)

    Opale envelopes, featuring the texture of a tight canvas, will add originality and modernity to your corporate correspondence - ideal to reach your recipients even before they have opened their envelopes.

    This selection of corporate envelopes matches the colours of the creative Opale paper assortment, perfect for sending business letter, printed media, or invitation cards.

    Opale envelopes can be printed on both sides, and likewise the Opale paper range, they are suitable for all types of printing (offset, laser, inkjet).

    Opale envelope paper is environmentally friendly, FSC® and ECF certified, ISO 14001 compliant.