Traditionally used for presentations, in technical drawings or as covers and dividers, natural transparent papers (or translucents) can be successfully utilised for innovative advertising, in corporate communications and even within the packaging sector.

In combination with premium or tactile papers, possibilities are endless: very easy to customise and print, translucents can be cut to create shapes to play with, juxtaposed on coloured sheets to reveal or hide messages or simply stand-alone just to add an eye-catching look to all your documents.

These assortments of translucents by excellent printability have been designed for offset (also UV) and screen printing, dry laser toner and HP Indigo technologies: they can be cut, glued, assembled together and they are suitable for embossing, gilding or varnishing.

This selection of premium translucents comes in a choice of brands, sizes, formats, grammages, and even colours - for all your business needs.

Imaginative envelopes featuring transparent film effects are also available - ideal to add that extra touch to your letters and mailing.

These ranges are environmentally friendly, FSC®, ECF and FDA (food contact applications) certified and completely recyclable.

    Curious Translucents Clear (8 Products)

    Curious Collection Translucents Clear (also called Curious Translucents Clear) are high-end transparent papers, perfect to be used alone or in conjunction with the luxury Curious Metallics range to achieve spectacular shimmer effects - the two assortments together will provide countless creative options.

    Curious Translucents can be used as an alternative to conventional paper: very easy to customise and print, these Translucents Clear are suitable for technical drawings and photo albums, ideal for use in catalogues and brochures, reports, or direct mail as well as endpapers, over-covers, dividers.

    Curious Collection Translucents are optimised for special printing techniques (offset printing, varnishing, embossing, gilding or shaping) and they are not guaranteed for office use on laser and inkjet printers - printing tests are highly recommendable in such case.

    The Curious Translucents Clear are available in different formats and sizes, several grammages and with a selection of matching envelopes to choose from.

    All Curious Translucents are FSC environmentally friendly, TCF/ECF, recyclable and also certified for food contact applications (FDA).

    Curious Translucents Clear Envelopes (0 Products)

    These Curious Translucents Clear Envelopes are complementary to the translucent papers from the collection by the same name.

    The Curious Clear envelopes of this range feature a translucent surface, which makes possible to see a hint of the content inside the mailing or the packaging, but not all the details.

    With the content clearly visible, the envelope would have been transparent, whilst an opaque surface would have completely hidden it: this balanced see-trough effect is ideal to impress the recipients and give them something to be excited about.

    Even if opening a letter is a small action, such element of surprise will be perfect to make your corporate communications and marketing materials unforgettable for all your customers.

    All the Curious Collection Translucents Clear envelopes have a superseal “peal and seal” closure, perfect to secure the content against tampering.

    These Curious Translucents Clear Envelopes are available in a variety of sizes and colours. FSC® and ECF certified, ISO 9001 compliant.

    Curious Translucents Color (0 Products)

    In Curious Translucents Color, part of the Curious Collection, colours and transparency are merge to create original printed materials: photo albums, dividers, endpapers and over-covers will enter a completely new dimension.

    The Curious Translucents can be used alone as conventional creative paper - very easy to customise and print - but in conjunction with the luxury Curious Collection Metallics papers your corporate publications will achieve spectacular results.

    The Translucent Color range is suitable for technical drawing and photo albums, and available in elegant and classy colours, from Gold and Pearl to Ivory, for limitless creative options.

    The Curious Translucents Color assortment has been designed for offset and UV offset printing, as well as screen printing, embossing, gilding or varnishing - but not for use on laser or inkjets, therefore not guaranteed for office use.

    Curious Translucent Color is available only in size B1 (700 x 1000mm), two grammages, multiple colours and with matching envelopes.

    Produced without any chemical transparentisation, these Curious Collection Translucents Color are FSC® environmentally friendly, TCF/ECF, recyclable, and certified for food contact applications (FDA).

    Curious Translucents Color Envelopes (0 Products)

    The Curious Translucents Color Envelopes are the natural complement to the papers from the Translucents Color range.

    The envelopes of this assortment feature a translucent surface, meaning that it is possible to see just a hint of the content of the mailing (or of the packaging), not the whole details - the content is not clearly visible, or the envelope would be transparent, but it is not completely hidden either, or the surface would be opaque.
    Such see-trough effect is ideal if you want to impress your recipients and offer them something to be excited about, even if it is a small action, like opening a letter. However, that little but original element of surprise will make all the marketing materials and corporate communications memorable to your customers.

    Furthermore, all the Curious Collection Translucents Color envelopes have a superseal “peal and seal” closure, which is perfect to secure the content against tampering.

    Curious Translucents Color Envelopes are available in a variety of sizes and colours. Environmentally friendly. FSC® and ECF certified, ISO 9001 compliant.

    Simulator (3 Products)

    Simulator Transparent is an exclusive range of high-quality, natural transparent papers, featuring a uniform appearance - perfect to add an extra dimension to your communication.

    Ideal for a vast array of applications, such as technical drawing, creative printing, wrapping and packaging, stationery, Art & Craft projects, tags and labels. These transparent papers are also great for use in manuals, booklets, brochures and reports, calendars, flyers, greetings cards or invitations.

    Simulator Transparent are suitable for offset litho, letterpress, silkscreen and digital printing, copying, gluing, folding, die stamping, coating, laminating, creasing and embossing. However, pre-testing is highly recommended, especially when using a digital press.

    Natural translucent papers are dense and non-porous, they will not absorb inks and therefore general inks are not compatible - but UV ones are.

    The Simulator range is available in a choice of sizes, formats and weights. These clear transparent papers are environmentally friendly, with FSC and ECF certifications, conform to ISO 9001 and recyclable.