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An extensive range of our coated SBS and FBB boards, as well as our uncoated and laminated greyboards boards . Available in a great range of grammages/thickness and sizes.

Suitable for many different printing and finishing applications. Appropriate for Graphical, packaging and POS work.

    Graphical Boards (287 Products)

    Our range of Graphical Boards have been carefully selected to provide the best possible solutions for many requirements, from food packaging to greeting cards, POS to book covers.

    We also have grades that perform perfectly on most dry-toner and wet-toner presses.

    Fine Boards (17 Products)

    Various selections of fine boards and high-end papers to cover several applications, from bookbinding to Point-of-Sales - perfect for sophisticated packaging, tags, covers, index cards, expanding and suspension files, document wallets.

    Suitable for several printing and finish techniques (e.g. screen, offset, litho, dry toner, blind embossing, laminating, spot varnishing), these ranges of papers and boards are made from recycled fibres, environmentally friendly, FSC® certified.
    Also available recyclable 75% - 100%.

    Sub-families & Products

    Greyboards (16 Products)

    Greyboard, sometimes called Solid Board, is a widely used packaging board used for backing boards, luxury packaging, lever-arch files, box separators, hard-cover books and stiffeners for all sorts of products.

    Occasionally Greyboard is printed, but more often it is laminated with pre-printed paper.

    Greyboard is usually produced with 100% post-consumer waste and is itself recyclable and often FSC certified.

    Our Range of Greyboard is amongst the best in the world.

    Sub-families & Products

    Large Format Greyboard (2 Products)

    If you need a grey board in larger sizes, this range fully meets your needs

    Sub-families & Products