Carbonless Paper reproduces an image, text or signature from the top, and all the way through to the bottom sheets of a multi-part form.

Here you will find our Reacto range - the leading premium resin-coated carbonless paper; offering high opacity, and good image retention. As well as the top, middle and bottom sheets, you will also find the pre-collated paper - optimised for your digital needs, as well as for simple set manufacture on Offset presses.

CB - Top Sheet (25 Products)

CB is the carbonless top sheets with a coating of Microcapsules on the reverse. This reacts with the coating on the reciprocal CF sheet. This is used for multi-part, duplicate forms.

The CB sheet is available in 5 colours and a variety of sizes and grammages to suit your needs.

CFB - Middle Sheet (24 Products)

Coated on the front with a reactive layer, and on the back with microcapsules, CFB is used as the centre page in business forms and sets. This is so the sheet can receive and also pass on copies.

This high quality sheet ensures excellent litho offset printing, and hassle free on-press performance.

Sub-families & Products

CF - Bottom Sheet (29 Products)

Coated on the front (CF) with a reactive substance, this reacts to the coating (CB) on the top sheet, forming an image. The CF is used as the final/bottom page in business forms and sets.

They come in different colours and grammages, including board weight.

Sub-families & Products

Pre-Collated Sets (8 Products)

Two, three and four-part pre-collated carbonless sets in different sheet sizes and a range of colours. The solution for applications where the printed information has to be the same on all parts of the set. Improves efficiency and reduces cost by eliminating the collating of multi-part sets.

Sub-families & Products

Digital Specific (54 Products)

Antalis' digital carbonless paper is optimised for all digital printing. Printing forms on-demand has never been easier, as one product does it all – helping you save money, increase flexibility and improve productivity. Create a wide variety of forms with digital print features including; barcodes, logos, sequential numbering, and any amount of variable data or personalisation. In CB, CFB and CF, in various colours.