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Papers and boards in a wide range of textures and colours for truly creative designs. Allowing you to give the best image of your company from the first contact with the recipient of your printed material, whether it is a letter, a business card, a brochure, an invitation card, etc. Your communication is immediately positioned at the top of the pile, whatever the chosen creative paper(s). It is therefore essential to find the creative paper in perfect harmony with your brand identity. Discover our range and take advantage of our creative experts who are always on hand to offer advice if needed.

The range of creative papers brings together one of the widest offers on the market, from traditional vellum papers to current connected papers. A wide choice of finishes, colours, weights and formats are available to you, where you are sure to find the creative paper that will meet your expectations.

Business Stationery (144 Products)

To meet all your business needs, Antalis has a huge variety of business stationery, selected amongst some of the best brands on the market, suitable for artistic projects or corporate communications, and grouped in three ranges (Prestige, Premium and Basic) for easy reference.

Prestige contains a selection of creative papers where the use of sophisticated materials, textures and watermarks will offer the recipients an experience which is both visual and tactile - perfect to make your high-end communications unforgettable.

Premium comprehends offset papers featuring great opacity for excellent printability and faultless colours: this assortment is deal for high-end documents, personal stationery or direct marketing.

Last but not least, Basic: a series of standard uncoated papers, carbon balanced, characterized by an organic touch and different coatings, ideal to improve the brand identity or your business mailing.

All these papers are environmentally friendly, sourced from FSC® forests, ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) certified and ISO compliant. Also available made from recycled post-consumer waste, non-watermarked and with matching or complementary envelopes.

Sub-families & Products

Metallics (18 Products)

Let your business benefit from an innovative communication style by choosing our premium selections of metallic papers from different brands, offered in various sizes, colours, grammages, grains, formats, and designed to enrich your brand identity and harmonise your messages across several media.

These unique and elegant creative papers feature natural wove surfaces and patinated metal finishes that are able to enhance the sparkle and reflect the light but without any mirror effect. When used in combination with translucents your creations will become even more memorable.

These sophisticated papers will help your company stand out. They come in a wide choice of thicknesses, to cover all your business needs: from lighter weights appropriate for letters and invitations to the heavier ones ideal for brochures, covers, and even luxury packaging.

These premium metallic papers are compatible with both offset and UV offset printing, dry toner applications and also HP Indigo. Some of the grammages are suitable for office use, on laser and inkjet printers.
Also guaranteed for varnishing, hot foil stamping and embossing.

Eco-friendly, ECF and FSC® certified, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 complaint.

Complementary matching envelopes to accompany the paper ranges are also available.

Sub-families & Products

Translucents (11 Products)

Traditionally used for presentations, in technical drawings or as covers and dividers, natural transparent papers (or translucents) can be successfully utilised for innovative advertising, in corporate communications and even within the packaging sector.

In combination with premium or tactile papers, possibilities are endless: very easy to customise and print, translucents can be cut to create shapes to play with, juxtaposed on coloured sheets to reveal or hide messages or simply stand-alone just to add an eye-catching look to all your documents.

These assortments of translucents by excellent printability have been designed for offset (also UV) and screen printing, dry laser toner and HP Indigo technologies: they can be cut, glued, assembled together and they are suitable for embossing, gilding or varnishing.

This selection of premium translucents comes in a choice of brands, sizes, formats, grammages, and even colours - for all your business needs.

Imaginative envelopes featuring transparent film effects are also available - ideal to add that extra touch to your letters and mailing.

These ranges are environmentally friendly, FSC®, ECF and FDA (food contact applications) certified and completely recyclable.

Wove (68 Products)

With its smooth and soft surface, wove paper is perfect for adding a real touch of elegance to your business communication - ideal for high-end advertising, greetings, luxury packaging and even art publications.

The silky touch of these creative premium papers will not leave your customers indifferent - and in effect wove paper is indeed great to make your brand interesting and unforgettable.

These sheets - offered in palettes of timeless shades, to be used alone or in combination with several textures - feature a great opacity for excellent results with all main printing technologies such as offset, UV offset, dry toner. Some of the grammages are compatible with printers for office use - although in general tests are highly recommended.

Furthermore, these assortments are easy to customise - most of the papers and envelopes in this selection are guaranteed e.g. for embossing or hot foil stamping.

Available in different sizes, weights, colours, quantities and with matching envelopes, these smooth papers are environmentally friendly, FSC® and ECF certified, in some cases also carbon neutral. Compliant with ISO 14001 and ISO 9706. Also 25% or 100% recycled.

Smooth (15 Products)

For your business communication, choose the softness and the elegance of this satin smooth paper - the watermarked version is ideal to make any business communication a work of art.

These creative papers - with matching envelopes - will give your cards and invitations, brochures, catalogues, press kits and annual reports an elegant touch - perfect to define your brand.

Although digital communications may sound eco-friendlier, the paper industry has made so enormous efforts to limit its impact on the environment that paper letter mailing is now acceptable for a business (all sheets in these assortments are either recycled or FSC® certified) - and considered a much better way to engage with customers.

These smooth papers can also be used for creating luxury packaging: easy to customise, they are not only very resistant, but also suitable for hot foil stamping, embossing, creasing, folding, varnishing, embossing or die-cutting. However, to obtain the best possible results, it is essential to choose the right grammage - and some testing may be required.

This range of environmentally friendly smooth papers comes in a choice of brands, colours, formats, thicknesses, sizes and quantities. Matching envelopes are also available.