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A selection of hand paper towels, toilet papers, wipes, cleaning cloths, refuse sacks and associated dispensers for workplaces, washrooms or kitchens - also suitable for industrial use - in several sizes and formats. C-fold, V-fold and Z-fold hand paper towels, in 1- and 2-ply sheets, for use with and without washroom paper dispensers. 2- and 3-ply toilet tissues for on-wall dispensers in standard, mini jumbo and jumbo sizes, perfect to create clean and hygienic cloakrooms and washrooms. Industrial wipes, centrefeed rolls and associated dispensers to maintain the workplace spotless. And heavy-duty janitorial supplies such as sturdy rubbish bags suitable for commercial and domestic waste, for cleaning or recycling, complete with closures and manufactured from recycled LDPE sleeves.

Hand Paper Towels & Dispensers (5 Products)

A selection of C-fold, V-fold and Z-fold hand paper towels, in 1- or 2-ply sheets, perfect for washrooms or kitchens with or without paper dispensers. Also suitable for industrial use. Available in a choice of brands, colours, formats, sizes and quantities.

Toilet Papers (5 Products)

A range of toilet tissues in standard packs and jumbo sizes to create, clean and hygienic cloakrooms and washrooms. Suitable for use with on-wall dispensers. Available in a choice of packs, sizes and plies.

Wipes & Cleaning Cloths (6 Products)

A range of multipurpose wiping cloths and centrefeed rolls, designed for heavy-duty cleaning applications and to rapidly absorb any spills and assist in your daily cleaning regimes. Perfect to maintain a clean and hygienic workspace in a wide range of settings . Available In a selection of colours, sizes, plies and quantities.

Sub-families & Products

Tissue Dispensers (0 Products)

Dispensers for our range of hand towels

Sub-families & Products

Soap & Dispensers (0 Products)

Here you can find a range of soaps with accompanying dispensers. Air Fresheners can also be found in this section.

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